VE Gases is a strategic business unit for Verify Engineering (Pvt) Ltd who are supreme producers of quality medical & industrial gases. Products include, medical & industrial oxygen, nitrogen, dissolved acetylene gas and associated accessories.
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VE Energy is a strategic business unit for Verify Engineering (Pvt) Ltd that provides world class energy solutions such as Solar PV Power Farms, household & industrial electrical installations, Plant Designing, Commissioning & Technical Service Support.
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VE Projects is a strategic business of Verify Engineering (Pvt) Ltd carrying out Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPC) contracts for chemical and food manufacturing plants. This include installations and maintenance of all gas reticulation hospital systems.
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The majority of our services is engineer based
Tech & Support Services
Design, installation, inspection, operations monitoring & audits, verification and maintenance of gas reticulation systems; Procurement assistance
Associated Accesories
Industrial tools & equipment, Consumables, Work wear, Medical and Industrial equipment & accessories.
Project Design and Analysis, Creation, Repair and Improvement of Mechanical & Electrical Systems and Machines, Gas Cylinder Specification and Precautions

We Provide High Quality Performance, Classy-Services With New Standards.

Local Operated, Global Excelled Hands that understand Automobile Very Well
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