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Chipinge Hospital 5ton Oxygen Tank
Batch Storage Tank
Chipinge District Hospital 5 ton Medical Oxygen Tank
Liquid Oxygen Delivery Truck
Chipinge District Hospital 5ton Oxygen Tank

Verify Engineering (VE), in a move aimed at improving the Zimbabwe’s health delivery system, installed a 5,000-Litre Oxygen Tank at Chipinge District Hospital in the month of March 2023. The installed  tank comes with a vaporizer and pressure reducing system that feeds into the hospital’s gas piping system in all the wards. A development partner, World Vision Zimbabwe, funded the project, while Verify Engineering as the contractor installed both the bulky oxygen tank and the pipe reticulation system inside the hospital.

VE Gases went on to fill in the tank to capacity with medical grade Liquid Oxygen to the delight of the hospital staff and all stakeholders.