Pellet Stock Feed

VE Projects undertook the Installation, Commissioning and formulated operations maintenance manuals. The plant is owned by Chinhoyi University of Technology and is situated in Chinhoyi.

Plant Performance:

The stock feed plant performs 5 activities on the production line: milling, mixing, pelletising at 1bar 118⁰C Steam, cooling and Automatic bagging. The plant produces pellets in different sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 12 mm

Production Capacity

Production capacity is 5 tonnes per hour using several raw materials which include maize meal, wheat, wheat bran, sorghum, oil, salt and vitamin premix. Since Installation, the plant is producing pellets for CUT Cattle Fattening project.

Iron & Steel

Verify Engineering is undertaking the beneficiation of the Iron Ore reserves that are situated in Mwanesi Range, Chivhu through the establishment of an Iron and Steel Manufacturing plant.


Iron can be found in hematite, limonite, magnetite, pyrite, goethite but Chivhu has Banded Magnetic Jaspilite/Chert /Hematite /Jaspilite/Chert & can be strip-mined easily from the surface.


Iron can be found as Wrought, Pig and Cast Iron whilst steel has Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Tool steel with differing strengths, corrosion resistance & appearance.


Steel is used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, trains, cars, machines, electrical appliances, weapons, and rockets. Iron is used in Steel production, Food Cutlery and hospital equipment.

Coal To Fertilizer

Verify Engineering completed a feasibility study on coal gasification technology as a means of producing synthesis gas which can be further upgraded into nitrogenous fertilizers by using the Bosch-Haber Process. The plant will be constructed in the vicinity of the Tokwe-Mukosi Dam.

Key products are:

1. Ammonium Nitrate,
2. Urea,
3. Sulfur,
4. Ammonia,


Urea is the richest source of nitrogen among the common dry fertilizers. Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is the most common nitrogenous fertiliser in the Zimbabwean Market.


Sulphur-based chemicals include rubber vulcanization, bleaching paper, oil refining, water processing, and mineral extraction. Fertilizers replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil.

Nanoparticles Plant

Verify Engineering in its industrialization thrust provide technical expertise in the research, development, process and plant engineering, and design technology transfer and process plant operation. The plant is owned by Midlands State University.


The company is undertaking Engineering Design Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Commissioning of Chrysotile to Silicon-Nanoparticles plant with 1000KG production capacity per 8-hour batch, using Mashava and Zvishavane white asbestos as raw material.


Silicon-Nano particles are critical in enhancing the mechanical and durability properties of road tar and concrete. They also find uses in the manufacture of anti-graffiti coatings for walls, transparent sunscreens, crack-resistant paints, self-cleaning windows, crack-proof eyeglasses, stain-repellent fabrics, and ceramic coatings for solar cells

VE Gases 3MW

VE Energy has finished designing, and started construction of a 3MW Solar PV Power Plant at Feruka Mutare, to power, the Oxygen -Nitrogen Plant and the Acetylene Gas Plant for VE Gases. The project is being implemented in phases with the first phase of 100Kw already commissioned and connected to the grid


VE Energy is also carrying out research on Wind Power Generation, Zimbabwe has a capacity of 250MW Power Generation in Wind.VE Energy is endowed with highly experienced Experts, who have worked in SADC Power Systems.

Energy Projects:

VE Energy is currently implementing the following projects to date: Ravensus 50MW Solar PV Power Plant in Shangani, & University Towns 18MW Solar Power Plants.


Steel is used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, trains, cars, machines, electrical appliances, weapons, and rockets. Iron is used in Steel production, Food Cutlery and hospital equipment.

Coal to Liquid Fuels

Lusulu Project

Verify Engineering has been involved in the research of alternative fuels which has centered on the already commercialized Fischer-Tropsch technology to produce a wide array of fuels and chemicals.

50MW Power Plant

Mkwasine Chiredzi

Verify Engineering is undertaking A 600 MW thermal power plant in Mkwasine, Chiredzi which will utilize Mkwasine coal where Verify Engineering already has a special grant measuring 17000 hectare.